We understand that developing an effective segmentation strategy is a significant investment; success hinges on organisational buy-in and an easily identifiable model.

As part of our Blueprint Beyond product series, we’ve launched ‘SegMed’ – to navigate segmentation with ease!

We lead you through the process every step of the way, with the right people and a tailored methodology to suit your brand. We guide you through this complex process to provide actionable segment strategies with deliverables that ensure the segmentation is embedded and has impact.

Ensure your launch strategy is a complete success

Develop a strategic segmentation to ensure:

  • Time and resources are spent in the right places and with the right customers
  • A deep understanding of how to optimise behaviours in your priority targets
  • A confident and tailored communication plan to deliver the right story to the right people

SegMed addresses your critical challenges to:

  • Ensure organisational buy-in and a clear understanding of what segmentation will and will not deliver to both global and local market/regional partners
  • Recognition of the need to tailor the segmentation to the unique circumstances of the brand
  • Ensure the segmentation can work in harmony with the needs of global and local markets
  • Ensure the model is distinctive, identifiable, relevant and robust at launch – segments need to benefit from discrete tactics

Discover SegMed

Looking to get started with your next Blueprint SegMed project?

Get in touch with our Research Director, Sam Hope to discuss how our segmentation solution will benefit you and your teams.


Join us for our first Beyond Series webinar

Our Research Directors, Sean Dougherty and Sam Hope, will be sharing real-life cases to navigate through the segmentation key sticking points with best-in-class practices to help make the complex feel easy.

Segmentation Success: Gain buy-in to the road ahead and deliver outcomes that empower your brand, commercial teams and optimise ROI

Thursday 3 August 2023

2.00–2.40pm GMT, 9.00–9.40am EDT

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