Meeting complexity

with clarity


Beyond Blue is one of the leading specialist independent pharmaceutical insight agencies for delivering high-quality, strategic market research since 2005. Grounded in making excellence feel easy, we thrive in tackling the most complex of pharmaceutical business challenges.

We are Beyond Blue, a trusted partner in navigating the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape.

With our commitment to delivering excellence with ease, we simplify the intricate world of pharma to provide actionable insights that empower key business decisions.

Our core values guide every facet of our work. We are deep thinkers, delving into the depths of data and industry trends to uncover valuable opportunities. We are truth seekers, committed to being the advocates of your customers. We meet complexity with clarity, breaking down intricate concepts to make them understandable and actionable.

Best agencies

Our clients rate us among the best agencies they work with (4.8/5)

Independant insights

92% of clients feel we perform better than other independent insight agencies

100% satisfaction

100% of clients would send us a brief for future work

Best agencies

100% of clients would work with us again

Independant insights

100% of clients would recommend us to a colleague

What our
clients say

"Able to adapt to changes throughout the project, professional,
informed, reliable, excellent presentation!

"Insights-led decision making."

"Smooth project!"

"Deep understanding."

"Team super engaged to make it happen in a challenging
timeline with great output.

"True collaboration."

"Great collaboration, very professional!"

"Great partnership as always."

"Strong partnership, adapting agile to clients' needs."

"A very rich piece of work, with actionable insights."

"Excellent project management and great visual output."

Want to go beyond?

Where we go beyond and shine



Committed to continuous innovation, we integrate AI to boost efficiencies and elevate our technologies.

Rigorously testing the latest industry technologies, we enhance our gold standard solutions for increased confidence and deeper commercial insight in decision-making. Our dynamic innovation toolkit encompasses tools such as voice emotion analytics, sentiment analysis, smart probing, predictive visual analytics, and AI video production to refine our understanding of human behaviour.


Gold-standard methods

We're renowned for our gold standard methods in market landscaping, forecasting, segmentation and communication testing.

These are supported by predictive precision through proven methodologies led by our Data Analytics Team. Beyond deciphering data, we create engaging deliverables, making complex datasets digestible. As masters of segmentation, we craft strategies for diverse audiences. In our communications, we help clients find the impactful message that cuts through noise with clarity. Specialising in pre-launch decisions, we love to answer with "What now?" not "So what?".


Activation workshops

Our Activation workshops are expertly crafted to decipher complex, multilayered data for business insights teams.

We employ innovative techniques, fostering engagement and skill acquisition in customer truth and positioning. Whether we're deep diving into market trends, honing segmentation strategies, or refining communication skills, our workshops provide a dynamic platform for hands-on learning.


Profound expertise

Our profound expertise in oncology and neurology, coupled with a commitment to the latest clinical and commercial trends, sets us apart.

In oncology, we deep dive into abstracts and conferences ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the commercial landscape. Similarly, in neurology, we actively observe cutting-edge clinical trials and the ever-evolving therapeutics. For us, knowledge isn't just power; it's the driving force behind commercial innovation and success.


Behavioural science

Our application of behavioural science is an art, led by a dedicated team of psychology experts continually challenging our approaches in the search for human truths.

We blend deep academic knowledge with practical expertise, leveraging the latest technology for unconventional solutions. Beyond simply observing behaviour, we deconstruct and decode to uncover the 'unknown, unknowns' . We invest in our team's skills and attend conferences to support clients in designing interventions to optimise patient experiences with the intricate science of human behaviour.

Upcoming events


31 May – 4 June 2024

Webinar: Calibrations with Confidence

20 June 2024


25 – 27 June 2024

IIEX Europe

25 – 26 June 2024

EAN Conference

29 June – 2 July 2024


5 July 2024

ESMO Congress

13 – 17 September 2024

MRS Behavioural Science Summit

26 September 2024


Our summary of ASCO 2024

Our summary of ASCO 2024

Read our oncology team’s summary of ASCO 2024 to learn… - How LAURA, ADRIATIC, and CROWN are set to reshape lung cancer treatment - The trials (DESTINY-Breast06) and tribulations (e.g. TROP-2 in NSCLC) surrounding ADCs - How near (or far) we are from MRD-guided...

Getting the most out of your data

Getting the most out of your data

Data can be beautiful. Data, when analysed and visualised appropriately enables stakeholders to instantly grasp concepts, insights and inform quicker and more informed decision making. Data mapping and visualisation is what converts statistics to strategy. The story...