Activation workshops - Beyond Blue

Get on board with our Activation Workshops, which deliver a structured and creative approach to enable strong team collaboration, solve problems, generate better ideas, converge on solutions, elevate your insights, and address your brand challenges.

The workshops will be planned and structured to help combat challenges in the brand development cycle, including:


The best projects start with everyone being clear on the purpose, roles and objectives of a project.

Engaging in an effective kick-off workshop can help us to bridge some of these tricky gaps.


Working to produce new ideas or new ways of approaching product or marketing development.

Workshops bring people together in a safe, creative space to generate ideas.


People take ownership of insights when they have created something collaboratively.

Workshops deliver on this, translating insight into action and, ultimately, impact.

Our workshops are totally tailored to your needs, and we’ll start with a kick-off meeting, examine your knowledge gaps, and fill any opportunity spaces.

Our Activation Workshops are available now!

For more information, email our Research Director, Sam Hope, at